Typically, all bankruptcy attorneys charge within the same range in a specific court. It is because bankruptcy fee is revealed in all cases and can be viewed by attorneys who e-file in that court. This is how attorneys know what others are charging and stay in the same range to grab cases. So, while looking for a reasonably priced attorney, do not expect to get an attorney for a way lower fee than other attorneys. However, when you are heading towards bankruptcy, even small amounts might matter a lot to you. For this, you can visit or call up many attorneys and get an idea about the fee they charge. Please note that hiring a competent attorney is the important aspect as your future financial status and saving due to bankruptcy will depend on his efficiency. Yes, getting a reasonably priced attorney who is also competent in his field and has a good track record is what you are looking for.


If you find a bankruptcy attorney who charges a lot lower than the others, then you must ascertain that this attorney will give you the required time and attention for the case. As in many cases, attorneys charging very low play by volume, i.e. they make a profit by taking up a large volume of cases and consequently are left with little time and attention to give to their clients. You do not want to put yourself in such a situation when you are already facing a financial crisis which is up to your mind.

One thing you can relax about is that you will not be overcharged by your attorney. This is because the US Trustee’s office keeps an eye on the fee charged by attorneys in bankruptcy cases. An amount standing out with large figures amongst all the others which are within a range is likely to be noticed by the United States Trustee’s Office. The consequence is that the presiding judge will be informed of this overcharging and the judge will order the attorney to reimburse the overcharged amount to the client.

It is pertinent to consider the cost to benefit ratio in the case of hiring a bankruptcy attorney. Invest a relatively small amount in paying to the bank attorney and get rid of around 10 times that amount in debts is definitely not a bad deal. This logic provides strong logic for hiring an experienced attorney rather than an amateur one who might charge you lower but may not be able to bring the same benefits for you. Nevertheless, you will need to contact many attorneys and openly discuss your case with each of them to know which of them can serve you better and for what charges.

There is attorney who takes a certain number of cases free of charge, that is, pro bono cases. This service is provided to those with little or no income. If you fall into this category, you can contact the bar to refer you to such attorneys. Again, do a background check to make sure that the attorney you are going to hire has the desired qualification and skill.