Once you have thought over about getting a divorce and have no second thoughts about it, what remains is the way you go about filing your divorce which may get complex in certain cases. You should be clear about what options you have on hand and the results you expect after the case is resolved. It is advisable to hire an attorney to take care of the legal aspects involved in this time of distress for you. Even if your divorce case is not going to court, it is still a good option to hire an attorney to manage the legal issues related to divorce. In case you decide to represent yourself, it will be of benefit to you to taker initial consultation from an attorney by hiring the attorney by the hour. This way all your doubts will be cleared by your attorney and you will be clear about what you have to do. Nevertheless, you will still have to do all the preparations and paperwork yourself which might get tiresome and complicated. If the scenario is such that you cannot afford to pay an attorney, what you can do is contact your local bar association and ask them for assistance regarding your case. They will likely refer you to low-charging attorneys or even pro bono attorneys.

It is important that you disclose all your details to your attorney and keep nothing to yourself. This will assist your attorney in preparing and filing in a manner which would best suit you according to your situation. Be sure to interview more than one attorney before hiring one. You should go for the one with more professional experience and success rate and also, with whom you feel comfortable. Your legal counsel will advise you regarding child custody issues if you have children. Also, inquire about available programs in your area for divorcing parents. These educational and support programs help parents in reaching right decisions for making this stressful time of separation of parents easier and smooth for their children.


Another very important aspect is the financial one while filing for divorce. You must calculate the expenses of child-support beforehand so as not to put yourself in an undesired situation.  Try to pay off any pending joint debts so that you can start your new life with a clear balance sheet. If any joint credit cards or debit cards exist, they should be canceled and both spouses should make their individuals accounts and credit/debit cards. It is imperative to get the value of your house or other valuable calculated at this time so that you get an accurate idea of what your house would sell for at the time of divorce. When the process of filing for divorce is initiated, change you old will so to prevent your spouse from getting a share in inheritance in the advent of anything happening to you before the divorce is executed. Include in your will your children, relatives, charity or whoever you wish as your sole inheritors.